Health and Wellness Strategy

Getting Healthy-Staying Healthy one Small Choice at A Time

With the assistance of the best of modern tech, exercise monitors-trackers, to herbs and plant based supplements that have a long tradition in many cultures.


The Flex is one of the most popular exercise trackers on the market. Fun ways to wear your Flex, check them out here.

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The latest in wireless activity monitoring, the Fitbit Surge
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Rhodiola Rosea helps burn that unwanted belly fat


The Vikings used this herb to give them stamina, endurance and to help with a speedy recovery…Read more about it here.


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Not all exercise has to leave you sweating, the Fitbit counts ALL your steps, even when you slow down to enjoy the scenery. Incidental exercise is a concept I adore. It’s an easy way to build up your activity. Click through here to read more about it. 
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Tired of the Wristband look? Click on the photo to check a number of ways to cover your Fitbit when you need a change.